Also known as the Officer's Mess, the Wardroom is located at 1586 Esquimalt Road. This building was opened in April 2000 and overlooks beautiful Esquimalt Harbour.

The Mess is a non-public entity and is designed for the social and professional use of the officers and guests of Maritime Forces Pacific.  Membership privileges are also offered to civilian members of the Defence Team with officer status, retired military officers, and a select group of distinguished civilians in our community.

The Accommodation facility is operated as a public entity, designed to provide quarters for single or unaccompanied officers choosing to "live-in" and for officers on Temporary Duty.

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The Gunroom is also part of the Wardroom and is located on Victoria View Road near the end of Lyall Street. The Gunroom is part of Venture and is home to the officers under training.

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CFB Halifax Wardroom

BOA Mess Dinner
When:  8 May 2015
Where:  Upper Lounge
Dining Room
Dress:  Formal
Member Price:  Varies - See details below
Fellow Wardroom Members-

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of the Second World War, and the largest, most complex naval battle of all times. Following the war, Sir Winston Churchill admitted that the only thing that had really frightened him was the U-boat peril. The Royal Canadian Navy entered that colossal struggle as a tiny, mostly out-dated collection of 13 vessels, and emerged as a proud and proven force, forged in the crucible of war. It is time once again to celebrate the achievements and sacrifices made by Canadians from all walks of life during the historic Battle of the Atlantic!

There are still tickets left for the NADEN Wardroom’s most excellent Battle of the Atlantic Mess Dinner, being held at 1830 for 1900 on Friday 8 May!

Our very special guest of honour will be SLt Lou Howard (Ret’d), who sailed the icy waters of the Atlantic during the epic struggle, and who shall regale us with his stories and insights. Do not miss the opportunity to break bread with an honoured veteran who actually participated in the extraordinary events of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Ticket prices for this dinner are a mere $50 for SLts and above, and an incredibly low $30 for NCdts and A/SLts. Get yours by contacting the Wardroom Events Coordinator, Megan “We Saw the Sea” Ilott, at or 250-363-2689. The deadline for registering is extended to 1500 Friday 1 May.

Dress for the dinner is N2A (summer mess dress) or N2 (mess dress). Dress for newly commissioned officers or NCdts who have yet to purchase mess dress is N2B (mess service dress).

For Retired Members: When reserving your ticket, please indicate to Megan if you would like to wear your military mess dress at the event. The mess executive will seek approval on your behalf from the Comd RCN.

So do come out to the NADEN Wardroom at 1830 for 1900 on Friday 8 May for an incredibly entertaining evening of fine dining and finer company! It is truly fitting that we gather in our mess and mark the deeds of those who went before us, acknowledging the example of sacrifice and dedication which echoes down the decades. Join your fellow officers as we honour our proud heritage!

J.W. Golden, CPA - CMA
Base Administration Officer
CFB Esquimalt
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Victoria, BC
Telephone: 250-363-4016

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New Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation
Effective 1 April 2014, the new Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation will be:


Breakfast 06:30-08:00
Lunch 11:30-13:00
Supper 16:00-18:15


Breakfast 07:00-09:00
Brunch 11:00-13:00
Supper 16:00- 18:15