Also known as the Officer's Mess, the Wardroom is located at 1586 Esquimalt Road. This building was opened in April 2000 and overlooks beautiful Esquimalt Harbour.

The Mess is a non-public entity and is designed for the social and professional use of the officers and guests of Maritime Forces Pacific.  Membership privileges are also offered to civilian members of the Defence Team with officer status, retired military officers, and a select group of distinguished civilians in our community.

The Accommodation facility is operated as a public entity, designed to provide quarters for single or unaccompanied officers choosing to "live-in" and for officers on Temporary Duty.

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The Gunroom is also part of the Wardroom and is located on Victoria View Road near the end of Lyall Street. The Gunroom is part of Venture and is home to the officers under training.

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CFB Halifax Wardroom

Maritime Night
When:  19 June 2015
Where:  Upper Lounge
Dining Room
Dress:  Casual
Member Price:  $ 50.00 per person
Non-Member Price:  $ 60.00 per person
Fellow Wardroom Members-

Ahoy! Whaddyat?

Best kind, Old Trout, and how’s she cuttin’? Well, I’ll be askin’ that you look at dis electrical mail chummy as a message in a bottle, remindin' all you b’y's and gulls that on Friday 19 June commencin’ at 1730 (dat’s tree bells in the First Dog watch, or 17 and a half o'clock fer dem land lubbers what gots no sense o’ mari-time) the NADEN Wardroom will celebrate Maritime Night in grand down-home stoyle!

By Neptune’s Beard, dis promises to be a right Titanic event, with waves of prizes, live maritimey music by Newfoundland’s favourite son Tom Morrissey, an actual Screech-In ceremony featuring a kissable cod (I’ve seen dis cod, and it really is quite fetching), a huge feed of all t’ings in the sea, and enough dancin’ and social interaction to choke a Gander Lake moose, b’y. The sun will be over the boot-topping, so t’row on dem slickers and sou-westers, and pull your dory on down to the NADEN Wardroom on Friday 19 June at 1730! Dress for this event is casual with a capital "Sea".

Great tunderin’ tarry breeks, the price of tickets for dis event is so low, we had to dredge ‘em off de bottom o’ Davey Jones’ Locker: a soggy $50 for members (and their dates), $55 for serving non-members (and their dates), and only $60 for additional guests! So contact our Events Coordinator, Megan “Long May Yer Jib Draw” Ilott, at or 250-363-2689 to get your tickets for dis always popular doo.

As we say on the Rock, "What butter and whiskey won't cure, there's no cure for". Dis be the event for which the Wardroom turns into the biggest kitchen party dis side o’ de Grand Banks. So we’ll be lookin’ for you at the NADEN Wardroom on Friday 19 June at 1730, where you’ll have more fun than a pantload of Puffins, or by gum I’ll eat me sea boots! Sea you there! Proper t’ing, b’y!

Mike "We’ll Stay Where We’re To, ‘Till You Comes Where We’re At” Erwin

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New Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation
Effective 1 April 2014, the new Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation will be:


Breakfast 06:30-08:00
Lunch 11:30-13:00
Supper 16:00-18:15


Breakfast 07:00-09:00
Brunch 11:00-13:00
Supper 16:00- 18:15