Also known as the Officer's Mess, the Wardroom is located at 1586 Esquimalt Road. This building was opened in April 2000 and overlooks beautiful Esquimalt Harbour.

The Mess is a non-public entity and is designed for the social and professional use of the officers and guests of Maritime Forces Pacific.  Membership privileges are also offered to civilian members of the Defence Team with officer status, retired military officers, and a select group of distinguished civilians in our community.

The Accommodation facility is operated as a public entity, designed to provide quarters for single or unaccompanied officers choosing to "live-in" and for officers on Temporary Duty.

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Halloween Event
When:  25 October 2014
Where:  Upper Lounge
Dining Room
Dress:  Theme (see details)
Member Price:  $ 15.00 per person
Non-Member Price:  $ 20.00 per person
Fellow Wardr**m Members -

BOO! That is but a small taste of the maniacal and macabre fun awaiting you at the NADEN Wardroom's terrorific Hallowe'en Party on Saturday 25 October commencing at 1800! This reminder is being electrically transferred from the brains of the Wardroom Executive directly into your brain via this missive; you are now under our eerie power and cannot help but have outrageous, cackling fun at this annually re-animated event!

The denizens of the Wardroom galley have gone quite mad...mad, I tell you!...and are bringing to life a monstrous menu! Look, if you dare, upon the feverishly fun frenzy of foods to festoon our florid feast for this fiendishly festive fete:

"Chilling" Chicken and "Superstitious" Sausage in a Gruesome Gumbo Chopped Salad (Do not enquire as to just what was "chopped" into this salad! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!) Roasted "Cauldron" Corn and Black "Bat" Bean Salad Poltergeist Pasta Salad....iiit's ba-aack!
Godzilla BBQ Beef Short Ribs
Grilled Edgar Allan Pork Loin with spooky apple cranberry glaze. Yes...glaaaaaze!
"Shrunken Head" Shrimp Jambalaya
Creature from the Black Lagoon Fish Cakes with jack-o'-lantern Lemon Remoulade Hush Puppies (Eeeeeeeeeeek!) Bride of Frankenstein Beignets (which is the French term for Bride of Frankenstein Fritters) Bloodcurdling Bread Pudding Vaguely Menacing Ginger Bread Cake Bananas Foster and Ice Cream (Watch spellbound as the invisible calories materialize on your very thighs and waists!)) Frightening Fruit Cadaverous Coffee Tell Tale Tea

And if that isn't enough to metamorphose any event into a supernatural event, come closer while I sear into your psyche these freakishly fun tidbits...closer....closer....too close. On Saturday 25 October, there will be petrifyingly pleasing prizes for costumes! Scariest! Funniest! Best Overall! Best Couple! And a crazed yet captivating pumpkin carving contest shall also earn the chance at phantasmal prizes! Also, a live (or is he?) DJ will manifest monstrously melodic music to which we shall gyrate rhythmically as though controlled by some strange power! Mwa-ha-ha-snort-tee-hee.

Ticket sales are screaming along, but you can still join the mad throng! To purchase your tickets, contact our Wardroom Events Coordinator, Megan "It`s Alive!" Ilott at or 250-363-2689. Tickets are an insanely reasonable $15 for members, $18 for serving non-members, and $20 for additional guests! Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

So do join your fellow Wardroom members and dismembers, all of whom are doomed to having fun, on Saturday 25 October at 1800. Drag your gnarled bones to the Wardroom, where spine-wrenching, brain-devouring fun awaits with great gnashing teeth! Grr.

Mike "In the Wardroom, No One Can Hear You Scream!" Erwin Lieutenant-Commander VPMC NADEN Wardroom
The Gunroom is also part of the Wardroom and is located on Victoria View Road near the end of Lyall Street. The Gunroom is part of Venture and is home to the officers under training.

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CFB Halifax Wardroom

When:  31 October 2014
Where:  Lower Lounge
Dress:  Dress of the Day
Member Price:  Free for Members ONLY
More info to follow

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New Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation
Effective 1 April 2014, the new Wardroom Cafeteria Hours of Operation will be:


Breakfast 06:30-08:00
Lunch 11:30-13:00
Supper 16:00-18:15


Breakfast 07:00-09:00
Brunch 11:00-13:00
Supper 16:00- 18:15